seasonal eating


Jonathan Engels, on his blog, One Green Planet, shares 9 benefits of homegrown vegetables. Besides being tastier and nutrient-dense, eating fresh local produce, means you can eat organic and plant-based. Seasonal eating is just plain old common sense, and here are three good reasons why:

  • Good for your health
  • Good for your wallet
  • Good for the environment

Delicious and Nutritious
Seasonal eating is both delicious and nutritious. Have you ever noticed that a fresh-picked cherry tomato tastes so much sweeter than the ones in the store? Not only does it taste better – but it is packed with nutrients when it ripens naturally (on-the-vine). In the store, and even some farm markets, tomatoes are harvested, they travel in boxes and sit on shelves before they ripen. Taste is just one benefit of eating seasonally and nutritional value is another. Your share of Gwen’s Greens will be delivered the same day it is harvested.

Seasonal eating will save you money. Have you ever had a gardener try to give you a bag of zucchini? Gardeners usually have an abundance of vegetables at peak points during the season — and this turns into a good deal for you. A few summers ago, we had an abundance of cucumbers. We put them in shares and still had enough cucumbers to make a few quart jars of refrigerator pickles. Whether it’s kale, lettuce, or basil that’s producing like crazy, you will benefit from a prolific crop! Signing up for shares with Gwen’s Greens helps you enjoy seasonal produce and discover new ways to savor the abundance.

Seasonal eating reduces the use of fuel and pollution. At the store, we pay for what it costs to keep drivers and semis on the road. In fact, we pay multiple people to enjoy just one side dish of squash at our table. Eating from the garden bypasses the middlemen and allows us to reduce fuel, time, and money spent to market our food. Think of your share of Gwen’s Greens as a way to make eating fresh not only good for you — but good for the environment. Ann Lappe, a contributor for wrote: “The joy of eating seasonally is the joy of fresh produce and fresh foods.”

Let’s do it
If you want to take advantage of seasonal eating, contact me and let’s talk about a share of Gwen’s Greens.

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