Seeds are on the way

I’m feeling like a true gardener right now. Snow is blowing around outside, the birds are flitting around the feeder on the back deck, and I am sitting at the table dreaming of warm soil, seedlings, and bright-colored leaves to throw in my salads for lunch.

salad bowl
Gwen’s Greens including nasturtium blossoms 2018

I’m not just day dreaming though. I am doing something about it! MIgardener just took my order and I can hardly wait for USPS to deliver the package next week! MIgardener is a great resource for anyone who wants to grow stuff. Check them out! Even if you don’t plan to grow anything, you will literally drool over the images of the Amana Orange Tomato and Bloomsdale Spinach! I guarantee it.

Heirloom Only

We decided to use all heirloom seeds this year —- and organic heirloom when available. The great thing about heirloom, is the idea that for hundreds of years, these plants have survived and continued to nourish folks! And, if we can save seeds from 2019 crops, we can begin our own library of heirloom beauties. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

You can read more about seeds and why we think heirloom is the way to go on the MIgardener blog.

What else am I daydreaming about?

How fun it will be to pack this stuff up for you!




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