Simple Comfort Food

When I was growing up one of my favorite meals was a bowl of white rice with a fried egg on top. My family lived in Thailand during those years (when I was 6, and until I turned 14) and jasmine rice was served at every Thai meal every day.

map of thailand

My family didn’t have rice at every meal, but when we needed something quick and easy, rice was always available. Thai jasmine rice became one of my favorite comfort foods.

I remember how excited my brothers and I were when we took a train ride overnight, and went to the food car for breakfast the next morning. The waiter brought us bowls of steaming white rice with a crispy fried egg on top. Of course we sprinkled soy sauce over it and maybe even some “Prik Thai” (hot peppers in a sauce).

Tonight, I needed a quick and simple meal, so I started my mini rice cooker and fried an egg. Putting it together in a bowl brought back so many good memories!

rice and fried egg and cilantro

Earlier, when I was in the garden, I had discovered a bunch of cilantro (“Pak Chee” in Thai) ready to harvest. So I chopped up the leaves and sprinkled them over the top. And, instead of soy sauce, I stirred in a tablespoon of butter (because I’m more American now than I am Thai).

Ah. Simply. Delicious.

What’s one of your favorite comfort foods?

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