First Delivery Week!

Well, we made it to the first week of deliveries! I have waited for this day for weeks — since you all signed up in March. All day long I couldn’t wait to harvest and deliver greens and herbs to my Monday Group. Deliveries will continue onThursday and then Saturday. I think it will work out nicely to harvest 3 times a week — and give the garden time to replenish between deliveries.

As I was packing everything up this evening, it occurred to me that you might want to know what you will find in your bag! So here goes:

First the greens

This week when you open your bag, you can expect to see lettuces and a variety of other greens. From left to right: red sail lettuce, spinach, swiss chard, mixed lettuce.


You may also find a few varieties of kale.


Now for the herbs

thyme, sage, rosemary


cilantro, oregano, parsley


What will you cook up?

Last night I made spaghetti sauce (diced tomatoes, tomato paste, garlic, onion, browned ground beef, brown sugar, worcestershire sauce, and a handful of oregano from the garden). How will you use oregano this week?

I’m curious to know how these herbs will inspire your meals this week. Share with us here by leaving a comment. Or comment on Instagram @gwensgreens or Facebook @Gwen’s Greens.


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