Sun Shiny

We have had some beautiful sunny days and that makes it hard for me to sit down and blog!

Yesterday’s harvest was especially nice

[sunflowers, arugula, tango and red sail lettuce, yellow and zucchini squash, beet greens]


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Here’s what’s going on in the garden

Yesterday I cut the very first sunflowers! This first variety are Pro-cut Gold, small and sun-shiny. (I have to admit I squealed when I saw the blooms for the first time)

My barrel of nasturtiums are leafy and healthy. I even tucked some into my deliveries yesterday. But no blooms! Can’t wait for these yellowy-orange blossoms to show up; have you every tasted them?

The first planting of zinnias have buds!

There are 2 flower spikes in the gladiola bed! This is a first-time experience for me, so I’m happy to see them doing their thing.

My hostas have started blooming —- love those long sturdy stems of lavender and white flowers.

The yarrow is steadily sending up new pink stems — as long as I cut them they will keep going.

My barrel of dill is about 8″ tall today. Saturday folks saw some cuttings in their deliveries yesterday. It’s bright and flavorful.

Not sure why some of the basil has some tan looks-like-burn-spots. Did it get too hot for them? Not enough water? The leaves have great flavor despite their looks.

The cucumber trellis is working out great — and I’m starting to harvest small, crisp, refreshing fruits daily.

The mint is finally growing! I am tucking some in with each delivery now.

The new crop of arugula is about 1/2″ tall. There are so many ways to use arugula!

A new crop of cilantro is just coming up. I recently learned a new way to keep cut cilantro fresh longer.

How are you using your greens?

Here are a few ideas:

1. Start with olive oil in a skillet. Heat it up with fresh rosemary (a lot). Then add walnuts until crisp and toasted. This is great over fresh-cooked (plain) vermicelli or as a topping for any pasta dish or salad. It’s a great snack on its own as well. [Shared by Jeanie Maguire]

2. Assemble a foil packet for the grill. Start with a chicken breast (not too thick), olive oil, salt and pepper, fresh-minced garlic, and a mixture of chopped up herbs. Grill until done (doesn’t take long). [Shared by Wendy Clark]

3. Stir chopped herbs with softened butter. Spread a layer on salmon filets, potato slices, or french bread. Actually, this works on anything you plan to grill or bake. Serve herb butter with baked potatoes or a bowl of steaming rice. [Shared by me]

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