Well here we are in tomato season


Early this year I made the commitment to use heirloom and organic seeds in the garden. Organic for sure, and heirloom if at all possible. I found the world of heirloom tomatoes to be the most inspiring! There are some interesting blog posts and videos about heirlooms! People talk about tears coming to their eyes when they taste a tomato that reminds them of their childhood; or the joy they experience eating a toasted tomato sandwich with a colorful heirloom slice that reminds them of the way Grandma used to serve them.

Most of all I was impressed by the wide array of colors – every shade of orange, yellow, red, green, and even brown. And also the homegrown look — imperfect shapes, crooks, and crannies — especially on the big fruits.


I’d have to say that my initial experience with heirloom tomatoes has been okay. I’ve learned some things and I have more to learn. For instance, next year:

  • I think I’ll put my tomato plants in the ground (rather than the grow bags)
  • I will definitely plant more Cherokee Purple and Amana Orange
  • The Black Cherry will have a prominent place in the garden (amazingly sweet)
  • And I will continue to stake my plants

For a few weeks now I’ve been looking for a recipe to highlight the heirloom look and taste, and I found one! A Tomato Tart!  IT WAS AMAZING. You must try it. I found the recipe on Pinterest, and highly recommend you go find it! I made a few adjustments (cream cheese instead of goat cheese, and cooking sherry instead of white wine just because I didn’t have any).


Thank you Nguyet at Taming of the Spoon! It was an amazing side to our late summer Sunday lunch! Now friends, I dare YOU to try it!



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