It’s time to start sharing

It’s summer in Michigan! The sunshine and spring rains have given us a good start in our garden and it’s time to start delivering fresh seasonal food!

Deliveries will be on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday each week. I’ll begin on Saturday, June 13th and finish up as late in November as I can. There are are few days I won’t be delivering shares: the Fourth of July, and September 1, 3, and 5 — because we are having a wedding at our house!

This week we have herbs, eggs, and peonies ready to share. Lettuces and greens will be next. I expect more flowers to be coming soon, and plentiful by July. That’s also when we expect to have veggies ripening (sugar snap peas, squash, beans, okra, collards, bell peppers and cucumbers).

I hope you have your Gwen’s Greens canvas bag ready! I’ll exchange yours for another one with goodies in it each week. If you won’t be home, just leave it by the door, or let me know where you will stash it for me.

I’m especially excited about the kale, arugula, spinach and cilantro this year! As soon as they are ready for me to cut into — I’ll pack them up for you. It looks like my lettuces are on track for next week…

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