Plans for 2021

This is Year 3 of Gwen’s Greens, LLC, and I plan to make it a memorable one! I can’t do it alone of course — it’s my Farm Shares that make it possible, so thank you everyone who has joined Gwen’s Greens for 2021!

What I CAN do is plan well and use my assets wisely. This means I need to use my space well, manage my time, and continue to learn all I can about this kind of business.


Tilling the Soil by Chiot’s Run; CC license.

Here’s some progress

I added a 30′ x 90′ growing space this year. The area is marked, soil tilled, grass removed, and we will be covering it shortly — so it doesn’t become a weed forest. This Fall, we’ll come back to it and add compost, till it up some more and put it to bed for the winter. In spring of 2022 I’ll have a ton of flowers blooming in this space up by the entrance to our property! Drive-by’s will get a boost of flower-power and I’m dreaming of a Flower Stand where I can put out bouquets and bunches for folks to drop by and pick up.


Photo by Bich Tran on

Summer Days

I’m blocking out mornings for garden-work, and evenings for deliveries. This gives me the middle day to work at my job and make sure the house and animals are cared for. If it looks like the hours in the day won’t stretch this far, I’ll adjust. Anyone interested in some garden work?


“Learn Key” by Got Credit is licensed with CC BY 2.0.

Always growing

Learning also means growing — and I’m promising myself (and you) that I will keep at it. Growth in my knowledge of organic plant and soil care, the needs of my community, and sustainable practices for this business. If left to my own brain-power, I can make things too complicated (over-thinking is one of my weaknesses). My focus will be on simplicity and working smart.

Thank you so much for your support!

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