Dreaming of Dahlias

Dahlias are a hot commodity among flower farmers! When a farm advertises a “tuber sale” thousands (or even more) click on the link and place an order. And it’s not the price that is the deciding factor on a purchase — it’s the variety. For example, EVERYONE wants a Cafe Au Lait tuber (one isn’t enough, actually).

Established flower farmers post videos and images of the dahlia farming process. And honestly, it is intoxicating to watch! In a cut flower group that I’m a member of on Facebook, someone asked: “I bought 10 dahlia tubers….should I buy more?” The responses were overwhelmingly yes! You can’t have too many! Members started replying with statements like these:

Ten is nothing. Did you even TRY to shop?

Ten? You need to buy another 10-20…Go big.

Please say you forgot a couple of zeros – did you mean 10 or 1000? Welcome to your addiction!

Dahlia math is like chicken math. You say you’re going to get 10, look at 20, and come home with 40.

I bought probably 1500 this year. They are an investment. It’s a good addiction!

For 2 years now I have grown a few dahlia plants. But this year I’m making an effort to add dahlias to the garden plot. I will have about 30 plants this year and I can’t wait to show you the amazing blooms!

Another great thing about dahlia farming, is the promise of duplication (each plant grows a handful (or more) tubers that can be saved and cultivated the next year. If done well, my 30-something patch will promise 100+ in 2022.

Wish me luck!

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