Winter Beauty

I recently decided on a “brand promise” for Gwen’s Greens. This was not an easy decision to make! The challenge to find a few key words to describe the who, what, and why of this business was real, but after several weeks and conversations with best friends of this business I landed on this:

growing goodness and beauty

When thinking about Gwen’s Greens, it is tempting to lock myself into a season — specifically the growing season — but this farm has a lot to offer in every season of the year!

The view on my morning walk around the property in December

There are berries, colored leaves, twisted twigs, and fluffy seed pods. Not to mention the green pine, cedar, and fir branches with new, crispy pinecones.

This year I am delivering Christmas cards to my customers with doorknob swags, and I plan to make this a Gwen’s Greens tradition.

Doorknob swags for Gwen’s Greens customers

Even in this winter season, the beauty is amazing. Some mornings the berries are coated with icy droplets, and bare tree branches look as if they were dipped in syrupy icicles. Sometimes a light fluffy layer of snow lands in the crevices of pinecones and twigs, bushes and flower petals that are still hanging on from fall.

Goodness and beauty keep our thoughts in perspective, and heal our weary minds and bodies. We can find goodness and beauty everywhere — when we look for it. And it’s my pleasure to share it with you.

Merry Christmas!

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