I’ll Take Everything Please.

Any gardeners out there?

Have you seen Johnny’s Selected Seeds 2022 Catalog? WOW. The front cover and images on every page will have you submitting your resignation letter and becoming a full-time farmer next week! Mine arrived a few days ago and I was afraid to open it because I knew I would want it all! Please.

Johnny’s is a standard of quality for organic growers, backyard to crop-size. You can order a packet or a pound of seed (that’s a lot). Some of my other favorite sources for organic seed are:

If you usually put in some vegetable plants around your home – in pots or in the ground – I suggest you buy organic and heirloom seed (if you don’t already)! Why not grow the very best flavors, colors, and nutrients? I’ve found that the germination rate (how often a seed actually sprouts and produces a plant) is usually higher than standard seed packets for sale in big-box stores.

Well, I made it through Johnny’s Seed catalog this afternoon. I circled my favorites and folded some pages, but before I make an order, I promised myself I would spread out my seed stash on the dining room table and see what I already have.

I plan to start with vegetables and list them in order of seed-starting-date. Some will need to be direct-sown; I’ll have to wait for the soil outside to warm up enough to help them germinate. But others will get an early start in soil-blocks and trays on a sunny table indoor with heat mats. The trick for me will be doing the math and making a schedule for when and how many seeds to start. Maybe I’ll print a big calendar and just fill in the boxes!

Next, I’ll unpack the flower seeds and decide if I have enough (there will never be enough). Truth is, I just can’t justify buying more flower seeds this year!

What do you plan on growing this year? Will you choose to go with organic seed?

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