Celebrate Green

“Even in winter it shall be green in my heart.” ~ Frederic Chopin

What a beautiful quote from one of my favorite composers! I love Chopin’s pieces for the piano that are moody and dramatic. So imagine my delight when I found these words and the resolve they imply. I feel the same. Green is in my heart – it is hope and beauty and assurance of things to come (sooner than later). Maybe “faith” is “green” as well.

This week St. Patrick’s Day marched into our thoughts. All shades of green appeared in stores with T-shirts, cards, hats, and shiny accessories to pin on our clothes. Last evening, in the grocery store, I spotted a dozen green roses in a bunch; and I was instantly inspired to bring them home and celebrate.

Today I’m watching it rain outside as I soak up the arrangement on the coffee table. We had sunny and warm weather over the past 3 days and our to-do-lists were all about preparing new beds, starting seeds, laying down weed barrier fabric, and setting up the grow lights in the basement. Green will be here very soon. This is Day 3 of the first soil blocks on trays under lights — and when the first sprout peeks out — another round of celebrating will be in order.

What will you do today to celebrate Green?

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