Growing: A practice in hope

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.

Audrey Hepburn

I am continually amazed at the process of growing things.

May is just plain hard work

Getting beds prepared — sketching out plans — remembering what is where — and pulling those tiny “harmless-looking-weed-sprouts.” There’s not a lot of encouragement at the end of the day. So I rely on HOPE. Believing what I can’t see (yet) will come to be.

Prepping the garden

First blooms show up on annuals and happy plants now have leaves and first buds. I make adjustments to the beds — add stakes, start pinching first buds, and savor the single blooms that splash color around. But mostly I still hold on to HOPE. It’s going to be something soon! Really! (I tell myself).

Ageratum was a first for me this year
July bursts through

It is rather sudden. One morning I wake up to see sunflowers, bright and beautiful snapdragons, roses, lilies, cosmos, zinnias, hydrangea! It’s so rewarding to just sit and watch it soak up the rain and sunshine. It is still hard work — those weeds continue to spread (especially the ones I ignored in June). I lose track of staking every plant, and wish I would have spread the netting out sooner. But HOPE came through! Everything is showing up like planned — or maybe even better.

July flower shares

Growing is a practice in HAVING HOPE. And once July shows up, I’m reminded of the importance to plan and work hard, even when I can’t see the outcome.

This picture of faith – believing in things I cannot actually see – embracing HOPE for the good things to come – is how I have been thinking about growing lately. And I’m grateful for the whole amazing process.

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