Flower Shares

Bringing flowers into your life will make a difference! We have 3 options to bring you the best of spring, summer, and fall blooms.

The first harvest in spring are tulips and daffodils. After a long winter, fresh-cut blooms just make us happy! Enjoy bouquets on Mother’s Day, birthdays, family celebrations, or just because.

June brings peonies, and early annuals to our bouquets. Each week, new flowers show up and we harvest them at the peak time to give you a longer-lasting vase to brighten your home or office.

In July and August, flowers are are abundant on the farm. We harvest and put together bouquets all week long. Dahlias start to consume our thoughts and senses! It all feels like a dream.

Spring Share

Bouquets of tulips and daffodils with early bloomers like pussy willow and apple blossoms tucked in. Add beauty to your world with the very first blooms in April and May! (4 bouquets) $100 delivered | $80 farm pick-up

Summer Flower Share

Fresh-cut and beautifully arranged bouquets with 10-15 stems in a sparkling quart mason jar. Treat yourself, family, staff, or friends to beautiful blooms from June through August! (10 weeks) $250 delivered | $200 farm pick-up

Fall Dahlia Share

In late summer our dahlias take center-stage with their exquisite beauty! Enjoy fresh bouquets with 8-12 stems in a sparkling quart mason jar from August until frost. A beautiful way to end the season!
(8 weeks) $200 delivered | $150 farm pick-up


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5800 Mann Rd
Concord, MI 49237
Provide your name, address, phone, email, and indicate the shares you wish to purchase. We accept cash, check, or digital payment (contact me so I can share my digital account info).
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