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We are growing goodness and beauty on our farm in Michigan. We think carefully about how we garden – choosing sustainability over convenience and applying organic gardening practices. We never use chemicals or pesticides, ever, and most of our time is spent focusing on soil health.

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Garden-ripe vegetables, lettuces, greens, herbs, free-range eggs, and
fresh-cut blooms.

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Fresh organic blooms are good for the soul. Sign up to receive beautiful bouquets in spring, summer, and fall.

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Single bouquets, DIY buckets, flower bars, centerpieces, weddings…
we have you covered.

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goodness and beauty

News & Events

  • Beauty is everywhere

    Who out there has a lust for life?Can’t wait each day to come upon beauty? Psalm 34:12 The sunshine and warmth this week kindled a lust for life and a hope for beauty in the garden! seeds are hope Last spring I bought a packet of coleus seeds and sprouted them in a tray. They…

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  • Growing: A practice in hope

    To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow. Audrey Hepburn I am continually amazed at the process of growing things. May is just plain hard work Getting beds prepared — sketching out plans — remembering what is where — and pulling those tiny “harmless-looking-weed-sprouts.” There’s not a lot of encouragement at the end of…

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